Anti-Brexit campaign group Swindon For Europe urges its supporters to vote Labour in both Swindon constituencies at the general election.

It says Labour's candidates have the best chance of winning of all the non-Conservative parties and its promise of renegotiating Brexit withdrawal and then another referendum is good enough, despite two unequivocal 'remain' candidates in the Liberal Democrat and Green candidates North Swindon and a Lib Dem in South Swindon.

A spokesman said: "In both North and South Swindon, Labour is by far the strongest contender against the Conservatives, particularly as they are promising a second referendum.

"There is a real chance in South Swindon, where remain-supporting Sarah Church was less than 2,500 votes behind in 2017, whereas the next runner was more than a further 20,000 adrift.

"Smart tactical voting could win the day for her and Remain. In North Swindon, Labour’s Kate Linnegar has a greater margin to overcome in overthrowing Tory incumbent Justin Tomlinson, but tis still streets ahead of the Liberal Democrats and Green parties.

North Swindon candidates are Conservative - Justin Tomlinson, Labour - Kate Linnegar, Green - Andy Bentley and Lib Dem - Katie Critchlow.

In South Swindon they are Conservative-Robert Buckland, Lib Dem - Stan Pajak and Labour - Sarah Church.