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Mean what you say

THERE is a saying: “Say what you mean; and mean what you say”. Sadly, too many politicians fail to abide by it; but ‘the law’ is also guilty.

Even the Justice Secretary contradicted himself (SA, November 20.) when he said that a new Conservative government would introduce legislation so that child murderers who are sentenced to ‘life’ (with a ‘whole life order’) would never be eligible for release “unless there are exceptional circumstances”.

Yet later, in the same article, he says that these murderers would “surrender their right to liberty… permanently… without exception”.

Surely all prison sentences should ‘mean what they say’ – regardless of whether the time is six months or life?

Should not parole be earned, rather than the norm? Prisoners should expect to serve all of their ‘time’ in prison – unless they have earned ‘time off for good behaviour’.

Malcolm Morrison

Prospect Hill


Why not Tesla?

I AM always surprised at some of the outlandish claims made at election time.

Jeremy Corbyn, when he came to Swindon,said he would try and get Honda to change their mind regarding the plant closure.

Of course this is not going to happen. It would involve a loss of face of several of Honda’s senior management to make such a big decision, and would be admitting they made a mistake, which is extremely unlikely.

I think Jeremy Corbyn is either badly advised or has an exaggerated sense of his own ability. He certainly does not understand Japanese business culture I can claim to having some understanding, as I worked for a Japanese company for six years).

However, his is not as bad as chancellor Sajid Javid saying that he is “absolutely determined to work with Honda and the borough council and with Robert Buckland… to ensure the site turns into something that has thousands of people employed in high value jobs after Honda’s departure in 2021”

How he has the bare-faced cheek to say this after Tesla announced they would be setting up a new plant, creating 8,000 jobs, at a green field Brandenburg, Germany, the week before defies reason.

At the time of the part closure it was widely mooted that Tesla should be approached. It makes sense as, after all, the Honda site is a car plant and could easily be adapted to building electric vehicles.

I am a regular reader of both Robert Buckland and Justin Tomlinson columns in the Adver and indeed of David Renard`s. They have made no mention of even approaching Tesla, let alone going to visit Tesla MD Elon Musk in the USA. Why not? This would have been an ideal solution for Swindon.

All this asks the question as to what, if anything, is being done to replace the 9,000 jobs at Honda and the supply chain that are going to be lost in 2021. Switch on Swindon is trying to relaunch Swindon as a tech hub to attract IT jobs to the town. This is admirable but is not going to help the Honda workers who will lose their jobs and face unemployment.

Our elected representatives need to treat this issue with the seriousness it deserves or face being voted out at the December election.

Jonathan Sheldrake


GWH team first-class

I EXPERIENCED a serious blood loss from my bladder during the early hours of October 19 so I would like to say what a positive first class response from the Great Western Hospital.

The ambulance arrived very rapidly. The medics were wonderful in every way, very caring. My stay in hospital spanned 10 days and the treatment was faultless. Good food every day with a varied choice.

Special thanks to the nurses and the urologist team who were all first-class in every way, especially the wards of Melden, Ampney and Daisey. What truly wonderful people they surely are.

Bryan Conie

Wheeler Avenue

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