SCAMMERS have been targetting vulnerable people in Wiltshire as they claim to work for their bank.

Wiltshire Police is now urging people to be careful when getting calls about their bank accounts.

Marlborough and Salisbury had multiple incidents where elderly people including some with dementia received calls.

They were asking for personal details including pin numbers and large amounts of money were taken from their accounts.

Two men from London aged 24 and 26 have been arrested in connection with the scam calls and have been released under investigation.

The detective constable Jayne Wilby said: "We would like to remind people of some basic crime prevention advice which could help keep you and your money safe.

"It is really important that people are aware of these types of scams, the scammers often target elderly, vulnerable people, so please share this information with your elderly relatives and neighbours so they are aware of the importance of not giving out personal details over the phone or to cold callers."

To report a scam phone call contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or online at