SWINDON’S Labour candidates have told of their pride at the radical pledges in the party’s manifesto.

If Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister his government will renationalise the railways and water industry and power suppliers as well as provide free broadband.

The party promises to halt increases in the age at which state pensions are paid and to restore the previous pension rights of ‘Waspi women’ – those born in the 1950s particularly affected by the age increase.

The party’s candidate in South Swindon, Sarah Church said: “This manifesto is about making our country fairer for everyone.

“After three years’ of austerity and three and a half years of Brexit chaos under the Conservatives, Labour will bring the country back together with a positive vision for real change.

“We will sort Brexit within six months with a credible Leave deal that protects jobs, the economy and the integrity of the United Kingdom, then put that to a public vote where we can choose the Brexit deal or remain in the EU. We will implement the result straight away.”

Ms Church said one of her priorities is restoring Sure Start children’s centres back to Swindon, adding: “I’m very pleased to see us pledge to reopen Sure Start, as well as properly fund our schools and colleges, ensuring all children can get the best start.

The party’s North Swindon candidate Kate Linnegar was particularly pleased to see an emphasis on mental health provision.

She said: “Labour has a specific manifesto for young people and promises to invest £845 million in mental health provision in schools, abolish university tuition fees, focus on crime prevention and invest in a youth justice system.

“Labour will bring in free bus travel for the under 25s, extend the real living wage of £10 an hour to all who work and put an end to exploitative zero-hours contracts.”

She emphasised increased social housing, adding: “We will deliver a more than a million homes over a decade, with council housing at its heart. Labour will protect private renters with new minimum standards.

“We will ensure the NHS is properly staffed by recruiting the doctors, nurses and support staff we need, paying them properly and restoring the nursing bursary to encourage people into nursing.”

Other North Swindon candidates are Justin Tomlinson (Conservative), Katie Critchlow (Liberal Democrat) and Andy Bentley (Green Party).

In South Swindon Robert Buckland - Conservative and Stan Pajak - Lib Dems are the other candidates.

- Tomorrow we look at the Conservative manifesto pledges.