CHARITIES want to see more social housing in Swindon.

The call comes after it was revealed the borough council spends tens of thousands of pounds every week on temporary accommodation for homeless families.

Department of housing, communities and local government figures show the local authority spent £3.1 million providing temporary accommodation to homeless households in 2018-19 – £60,460 per week.

Politicians of both main parties in Swindon say they are committed to building more houses for affordable and social rents.

Here’s what you told us on Facebook:

Raymond Martin: “Simple answer to the problem... build council houses. Job done.”

Phil Paton: “Just another thought, people could get something called a ‘job’ and earn something called ‘money’ so they can buy or rent.”

Ed Goss: “Homelessness isn’t going up because people are getting lazier. As we know, the number of people in work is at a record level. However, the number of people on minimum wage is also at a record, and if you can survive on minimum wage, and save up a deposit to rent, great. A lot of people are falling through the net because they can’t. Rents are going up because the cost of housing is going up. Wages are nowhere near keeping pace. If you have some equity then you are going to be fine. If you don’t it’s only getting harder and harder. ‘Get a job’ is not an answer.”

Derek Rutland: “And how much are they charging per week for it. I bet a lot more than someone renting privately.”

Allison Standley: “The real headline should be that we don’t provide enough council accommodation and that’s why we have to rely on private landlords, not that they are making money from it. Why wouldn’t they? No-one does anything for nothing.”

Sandra Edmondson: “The country has gone full circle, people are making money on the backs of the poor, breaking all the laws. Waiting for the poor houses to reopen!”

Joanne Aziz: “I know people who rent privately who have good jobs but are still left with nothing once the tent and bills are paid for. It’s a disgrace the extortionate rates of inflation have gone up on rent and everything else that even a decent income leaves you broke.”

Alan Battman: “There are a lot of honest and legit landlords out there that support SBC and home the homeless. Surely that’s a good thing and they are rent-capped by SBC.”

Willy Seavanos: “This won’t be a problem on December 13 once Corbyn gets the keys to No 10. Everything is going to be free people, happy day.”

Amy Jefferies: “It really annoys me when people say ‘get a job and pay for your own accommodation’. How do you know these people’s circumstances? I know it’s not that simple as I’ve been there myself. You don’t know anyone’s situation so stop being so thoughtless.”

Kerrie Ball: “They also don’t seem to think about the many workers that are on minimum wage and zero-hour contracts. I angers me deeply that people as soon as they read a article like this they have to pick on the less fortunate in this town by calling them lazy etc. It’s getting more and more hateful in our town the longer the Tories are in control because all we ever hear is nasty little cruel digs directed at the people in desperate need of help within our community.”