BLACK Friday shoppers watched climate change protesters play dead at the Designer Outlet.

The sound of a drum echoed through Swindon's busiest shopping area at lunchtime yesterday and had heads turning towards the entrance.

It came from around 15 members of Extinction Rebellion, who were dressed in funereal black to highlight the environmental threat facing the planet.

But onlookers were not too upset that their shopping spree had been interrupted.

Lisa Whiting, 38, travelled from Newbury to grab some bargains in Swindon and was watching the protest.

She said: “Fair play to them, someone has got to stand up for the environment and the planet. I don’t know what a lot of other people make of it but I think it’s good.

“They’re going to make the centre very busy on a day like today but that means a lot more people are going to see it. It’s very brave of them, I’m not sure I could do it.”

Rachel Simmonds, 50, added: “We just got here and I wondered what the drum was and I came through and saw this happening. It was very peaceful and I think that’s good.

“They proved their point and their message is very poignant. My family and myself are starting to rethink things and trying to use fewer carrier bags.

"I also don’t drive, I try to walk or use the bus and I think people should be made more aware of this issue.”

The outlet’s security team guided the protesters through the centre and allowed them to complete the 'die-in' for 10 minutes.

A member of Extinction Rebellion was handing out fliers listing three demands.

These included asking the government to ‘tell the truth about the ecological crisis and to declare a climate emergency’.

XR member Marieke Guy said: “Our message is that there will be no more Black Fridays on a dead planet.

“It’s about sensible choices around consumerism and really just saying you don’t need to buy everything. A lot of people have been interested but some people are choosing to ignore it, which is understandable because it is a difficult choice.

This protest came just weeks after the group graffitied its logo onto a Swindon Borough Council sign outside the civic offices.