Extinction Rebellion staged a Black Friday 'die-in' at the Designer Outlet.

Around 15 climate change protesters marched into the busy shopping centre, banging a drum before lying on the floor for 10 minutes.

One of the group's members, Marieke Guy, said: “Our message is that there will be no more Black Fridays on a dead planet."

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Here's what you told us on Facebook:

Carly Saunders: "Do they really think that someone is going to change their entire way of life after seeing someone laying on the floor? There are far more productive things for them to do to change the world. I bet half the people there will change their minds in a couple of years, it's just a new trendy thing to do!"

Reebie Claudette Hale: "So glad to find there are actually some people like this, and people who understand and support this, in this town. And thank goodness I know many young, thoughtful, educated and intelligent people who will respond well to this. And this, and acts like it, will make a difference to them. They think about more than shopping, thank goodness. I'm sure many won't stay in this town when they have the opportunity to leave, but at least they will go out into the world and hopefully begin to make changes out there."

Robert Green: "The only way to tackle climate change is to reduce the human population by about 30 per cent. We are the parasite on earth and climate change will end up killing us and at the same time help the planet. There are no quick solutions unless we go back to living in caves – but we love our fancy lifestyles so things won’t change very quickly."

Nadi Bardy: "What if someone had actually died or passed out that day? People would have just thought they we’re protesting. I think this is an irresponsible approach personally."

Andy Watson: "They knew this was happening the day before so why were security not on the doors to stop them entering the outlet? They could have done a lot more damage than just flopping on the floor."

Kay Lyn Horsley: "Wonder if they realise just how much water and other precious resources it takes just for the cloths they are wearing alone. Then there's their travel there etc."

Felicity Page: "I honestly can't believe some of these comments. People taking time out of their own routines to peacefully protest something they're passionate about and this is how people react? I think some seriously need to reconsider their priorities and think about how to treat others with different view. Living in a democracy means allowing everyone a right to speak and be heard, even if you disagree."

Daniel Adams: "The planet isn't dying. We are not going to go extinct. Society isn't going to collapse. Scaremongering and pedalling falsehoods like this does far more damage to the fight against climate change than good."

Kelly Louise Warner: "Shame on the security for letting them do this! Nobody is going to suddenly change their way of life because a bunch of protesters play dead at a shopping centre for 10 minutes. This is a pathetic trend, just like being vegan! None of it was ever heard of a couple years ago!"

Stephen Hughes: "I was taught in school, around about 15 years ago, that if we as humans do not change our lifestyle and adapt a more sustainable one, then the effects of "global warming" will be irreversible by 2020. There were only a few people protesting because no one has 'time' to care, or people just don't care."

Neil Maxfield: "Why not target the most polluting countries were most of the problem lies?"

Jennie Wolfie: "Would have made more of an impact if they'd laid down in the cold town centre streets rather than the nice, heated outlet village."