A DRUNK who smashed 43 windows in a Penhill pub then kicked a police officer in the head has been jailed for 16 weeks.

David Mundy was subject to two community orders when he targeted the panes of the Deer’s Leap public house on Monday evening.

At around 11.30pm landlord Ian Watson was heading to bed when he heard smashing from downstairs in the pub. It went on for around 10 minutes – in which time Mundy managed to smash more than 40 panes from out of the bar’s windows.

Police arrived within minutes and found Mundy nearby.

He lashed out as he was arrested. He kicked one officer, PC Zerebecki, in the head then spat at two others – PC Dent and PC Quarrell. The spittle landed on one of the constable’s trousers and on the other’s hand or arm.

The alcoholic, who had been barred from the Deer’s Leap earlier in the year, gave a no comment interview and his solicitor advanced no explanation for the bizarre behaviour.

Appearing before Swindon Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday morning, Mundy, 30, of Spring Close, pleaded guilty to criminal damage and three counts of assaulting an emergency worker.

Sam Arif, defending, said her client was sorry for what he had done and wanted to apologise for his behaviour.

Mundy had struggled with alcoholism since a relationship had ended a few years ago and had also dabbled with class A drugs: “As a result of that he ended up losing his home, his job then ultimately his income.” He received just £90 a month on universal credit after deductions.

While he had an extensive criminal record, with 14 convictions for 41 offences, Ms Arif said assaulting police officers was out of character for Mundy.

She asked that he was given one final chance by the court.

Magistrates decided the offences were so serious that only an immediate prison spell was sufficient. He was jailed to a total of 16 weeks and was ordered to pay £150 compensation to the three officers.

Reacting to the sentence, Deer’s Leap landlord Ian Watson said: “I think it’s a fair sentence for what he’s done.”