NORTH Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson has come out close to top of’s People Power ranking of MPs.

The campaigning organisation put the defending North Swindon election candidate for the Conservatives at second position in its index of how available and responsive MPs are to their constituents.

The group’s UK executive director Kajal Odedra said: “Unlike most jobs, there’s no job description for being an MP. So for the MPs putting themselves forward again, and when we’re looking at candidates to see who’s best for the job, how are we judging what a “good” MP looks like?

"From years of working with ordinary people to campaign on issues that matter to the public, a big motivation for starting petitions is that they don’t feel heard by those in power. We’ve judged that being a “good” MP is about openness and responsiveness to constituents.”

Mr Tomlinson said: “I can’t agree with everyone and I’m often contacted by people who passionately hold views different to mind, who’d never vote for me. But I will always make time to speak with them. I do a lot of my casework myself - I want to represent all my constituents, not just my supporters.”