A bus shelter on Marlborough Road was mistakenly built on the cycle lane six months ago but has yet to be moved.

Cyclist Neil Allington noticed it and said: “It’s just stupid because who on earth would put a bus shelter in a cycle lane.”

Neil said he has been in contact with Swindon Borough Council who have said it is waiting for a date when the shelter can be moved back.

Here’s what you said on Facebook:

Greg Johnson: “It takes two seconds to drive around it.”

Wez Maddison: “It’s a speed calming measure, like all the speed bumps in the roads in Swindon.”

Angie Jones: “Not many cyclists stick to the correct side anyway, or even use the paths, so no problem really. Just another moan from cyclists.”

Anna Gibson: “Where are they supposed to build the bus shelter? A bit daft when they could cycle around it.”

Jason Miles: “I know it sounds crazy, but how about riding around it? Just an idea.”

Kia Hilliard: “There’s always a bus stop there, so cyclists would have had to cycle around passengers waiting anyway.”

Paul Kendall: “Not like they use the cycle lanes anyway.”

John Self: “If you turn the handle bars in the direction you need to go, you should be able to go around it.”

Hannah Turner: “Just another thing to cycle around on Swindon’s cycle paths.

“Add it to the list of dog walkers who don’t reign their pooches in, people walking like zombies staring at their phones rather than where they are walking, and my personal favourite, people who just stand and stare at you as you approach.

“All part of the fun.”

James Higgins: “No different to putting bus stops in the road.”

Colin Crowther: “All the people saying ‘just cycle around it’ would be the first to complain if it happened in the road, if it was a pothole that you could ‘just drive around’.

“Typical cyclist hating brigade.”

Daniel Grubb: “Why not just swap the lanes on the path around?”

Karen Evans: “Use your bell to alert any pedestrians you’re approaching, then ride around it.

“At least there is enough space to at this one, which is more than can be said for the one on Drakes Way opposite the Vicaima building, that one you need to get off and walk around it.”

Marcus Jerome: “Drivers have to share roads with buses and cyclists, it’s no different for cyclists and it’s called public transport for a reason, just as you’re cycling on a public footpath and cycle lane.”

Graeme Phillips: “Most cyclists still ride on the road even if there is a cycle lane next to it.”

Roger Higgs: “What did you expect? This is Swindon council you’re dealing with.”

Salim Sheikh: “Swindon council’s planning at its finest.”

Aaron Jason: “The one time a cyclist is allowed to use a footpath?

“Thought all cycle lanes were meant to be on the road? Or is it just Swindon that doesn’t follow that rule.”

Lisa Hill: “Leave the bus stop, swap the lanes.”

Becki Boase: "Wouldn't it be easier to just swap sides? Pedestrians are going to be in the bus shelter either way."

James Hunt: "If they put the bus shelter in the road, do you think we'll have the same 'what's the problem? Just drive around it' comments?"