A six-year-old boy from Tadpole Garden Village is deserving of winning the mascot competition due to thriving after suffering from bullies, says his mum.

Harrison Clements started being bullied after he moved from Freshbrook in January.

Mum Rebecca said: “I know everyone says how amazing their own children are but Harrison really is one in a million.

“We moved to a new area in the town and with work and school, Harrison has been between after school club, breakfast club and his Nana’s. He’s been a diamond with it all.”

During the year Harrison had become quieter leaving Rebecca concerned for his welfare.

She said: “We noticed he had become a little in himself and quiet, we soon found out he was being picked on by two older boys.

“We found this out from his little sister, Bryleigh, as he didn’t want us to worry.”

“Harrison would be ecstatic and brag about it to his friends if he won”