A MOD physical trainer with an impeccable service record has avoided jail for his part in an early-morning brawl in Old Town.

Paul Sheeran took a swing at another man after he was beckoned over from the doorway of Balula’s café on Wood Street.

The hefty punch failed to connect with its intended target but it saw 34-year-old Sheeran attacked by a woman and his head stamped on. He was bundled to the floor by door staff and repeatedly punched in the head by a bouncer.

Two other people are due to be sentenced for affray for their part in the brawl on October 6 last year. The incident initially began when a group of young people, which included the affray rap pair, were refused entry to Star Bar.

Sheeran, who was not part of the group, was drunk and had remonstrated with the youngsters.

In a lengthy passage of CCTV footage played to the court, bouncers could be seen stepping in to separate the brawlers.

Olly Rouse-McCue was seen gesturing to Sheeran, ushering him across the road. Sheeran managed to get past bouncers and approached Rouse-McCue.

Prosecuting, Alec Williams said: “He throws a very forceful punch.

“It’s not the Crown’s case that makes contact or causes any injury but that punch is directed squarely at Mr Rouse-McCue.”

Rouse-McCue and Sheeran had both been due to stand trial on an affray charge. But the Crown dropped charges against the former. Sheeran, of Guppy Street, Rodbourne, pleaded guilty to a lesser public order charge.

Defending, Chris Smyth said his client had suffered significant injuries in the brawl.

“Mr Sheeran was taken to the ground where he was grappled with by a female and while that was happening another defendant stamped aggressively on his head,” he said.

“The female grabbed at his face and gouged a noticeable chunk out of his nose.

“After being set upon he got up and went for some time into a doorway and one of the group in front of him took off his watch and goaded him.”

The assault saw Sheeran break his nose and eye socket and required hospital treatment.

He was a man of previous good character and was highly thought of by his employers at MOD Lyneham, where his duties includes training recruits.

Sentencing him to a 12-month community order with a requirement to complete 80 hours of unpaid work, Judge Peter Crabtree said: “If you go into town and get inebriated to the extent you clearly were and even if you were goaded at that time of night outside a public house there is a real risk of things deteriorating relatively quickly to say the least.”

Two others have already pleaded guilty to affray.

Lucy Dullea, 23, of Okus Road, and Jordan Lane, 25, of Castleton Road, will be sentenced at a later date.