IT'S most children's dream job – Christmas toy testers.

But that's exactly what Shanzay Zohaib became after beating 400 applicants to become join a team of six putting the gifts through their paces.

The five-year-old, who goes to Colebrook Infant School, got to test toys including the DC Transforming Remote Control Batmobile, Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Lama and – the winner – Juno the Elephant.

To help decide the winner, the six testers had to judge them against categories such as fun-factor, usability and coolness.

Shanzay said: “I loved the unique testing experience, especially playing with the top toys this year.

“I loved meeting Juno which was my favourite of all the toys. I’m so happy it won.

“It will be on my Christmas list this year and I would love to continue testing products, especially toys.”

The judging was held at the Broadway Shopping Centre in Bradford with Juno scoring 136.5 out of 256 with the children being impressed with how funny and cute it was.

The judging was put on by battery brand Varta in order to help parents know the best things to get their children at Christmas.

Shanzay’s parents added: “Thanks to Varta for choosing Shanzay. We absolutely loved it.”

Despite getting to play with all the new toys, they’re not worried about Shanzay wanting them all under her tree this Christmas.

They added: “I’m not worried at all, Shanzay has been brought up in a way where she only asks for something if she really really likes it and has learnt to hear no from her parents.

“We haven’t and won’t be spoiling her by getting her everything she asks for. So her demands are pretty much realistic and reasonable and we love to fulfil her genuine wants.”

The job of a toy tester was something that Shanzay took seriously, as her mum revealed:

“Shanzay absolutely loved the testing part and I loved seeing her little self counting the sleeps each night as well as trying to rehearse confidently what she would be saying.”

Varta marketing manager Mona Chan said: “We hope, by sharing what children really want to find under the tree, that we will help them make the most of this year’s festivities.”

Varta selected children 'not afraid to share their opinions' to be on the panel.