SCHOOL pupils help lift the Christmas spirits of seniors in Royal Wootton Bassett.

Each year RWB Academy sets up tables for 100 people to come along and enjoy a festive meal.

They’re looked after by the Year 11 youngsters.

Finn Lawrence-Knight, 15, took part in this year’s event.

He said: “It’s nice to get them out and meeting new people and it’s a really nice event. It’s a good way for us to give back to the community and make them feel welcome.”

Emily Smith, 15, worked with Finn to look after the visitors.

She said: “They might be lonely and not have a lot of family and so this is our chance to bring them all together. This is their chance to meet new people and our school is a representation of the community so it’s good to have this event here where we can all interact.”

The guests have come from all over Wootton Bassett, including Ridgeway House Residential Care at The Lawns.

Louise Lucas is the Year 11 student manager and helped to organise the event.

She told the Adver: “We have a number of care homes in the local area who have allowed their residents to attend and we have a few regulars here but the list does get updated. They absolutely love it and the students are really keen to be involved.

“It’s important for the older generation and the children to spend time together.”