MORE lives will be saved after Wiltshire Air Ambulance has enhanced its blood onboard.

Plasma will be carried in the helicopter and other vehicles from now on which helps stop bleeding as it causes clotting.

Two units of O negative blood will also be apart of its life saving treatment.

This helps carry oxygen around the body and replaces the blood that's lost.

A critical care paramedic and operations manager for WAA, Ben Abbott, said: "We believe the addition of plasma will make a significant difference to the care of patients who require emergency pre-hospital blood transfusions and improve their chances of reaching hospital alive in order for them to receive further emergency treatment.

"It is a privilege for the critical care team at WAA to be able to give blood and plasma to patients who require it in the pre-hospital environment."

More than 70 patients have been given blood before getting to the hospital since August 2015.