CHILDREN'S names were sent to the wrong addresses in Swindon in a major NHS England bungle.

Scores of confused people reported receiving private correspondence from with details of flu vaccination appointments for children – but those mentioned did not live there.

Comments on a private Facebook group seen by the Adver expressed concern about the widespread problem.

An NHS spokesperson put the mistake down to a 'mail merge error'.

Here's what you told us on Facebook...

Gareth Akehurst: "Why on earth they still using mail merge! They're asking for trouble using it. Mail merge is typically using things like MS Word/Excel, which means A the data is stored in clear text format (un-encrypted), B the data has been duplicated as the NHS is meant to have a centralised system which contains patient data which surely could be used to generate the letters required, ruling out old methods which can increase the risk of problems like this occurring."

Sophie Waters: "This is so true. I had a letter for another child. I didn't open it obviously but it was an NHS letter. How can they mess this up?"

Gareth Hutchings: "It’s really not a big deal, people saying “someone’s got my child’s details". Calm down, they’ve received a letter with their name that’s all, I received one. Tick the box, and put back in the letter box, as everyone else does.

"People kick off about this then post a photo of their child in their school uniform with school logo on social media.

"It’s a computer error, someone can’t use mail merge, it’s an accident, it’s not like a surgeon left his wrist watch in you after your operation."

Lisa Gooding: "Get a grip people – at least we are lucky enough to get free flu jabs."

Natascha Krystyna Stanton: "We received one of these letters – what perplexes me is why someone would open a confidential letter that is clearly not for you? How would you know it was for a flu jab unless you opened the letter? The envelope even has a return-to-sender tick box..."

Justyna Burleigh: "You shouldn’t be opening mail that’s not addressed to you/your child! Send it back, simple. Why would you wait for a letter/reminder for a flu vaccination? Just get it done at GP surgery! Children have them done at their school anyway. And last but not least, this has nothing to do with GWH!"

Sam Lee: "My child never had this done and she's 11. I believe in feeding them so they will build something call a immune system - you know, give them fruit and veg, drink plenty water. Just simple things."

Dionne Louise Bunker: "I never had one either until I had flu at age 20 and it was the most awful illness I’ve ever had. Now I make sure I get them as I wouldn’t be able to even acknowledge my children at that level of illness, never mind care for them properly."

And here's a comment made on the Adver's website...

'TooManyTrees': "I will admit that this is a major mess-up but I think people got a little too worked up about it.

"Firstly, No one should have opened a letter addressed to someone else, especially one from a hospital. You contact your GP or the hospital and query it.

"Secondly, The most information you can get from this letter is a child's name and a guess at their age. You can't do anything with that information and you could get it anyway if you are smart enough, a lot of information is available about births if you know where to look and are inclined to. It's not like a three year old can have their identity stolen for any form of profit.

Yes, they made a pretty big mistake, but mistakes happen in big organisations. As long as they correct it and the kids get the vaccinations that is really all that matters."