WILTSHIRE Wildlife Trust has almost reached its £20,000 target to save disease-threatened trees.

The trust started the appeal to fight a deadly disease that is predicted to kill 95 per cent of the UK's 80m ash trees.

The first signs of ash dieback is on the leaves. The fungus then travels down the twigs and into the branches.

It can then make them susceptible to other pests and diseases.

A spokesperson for the trust said: “So far we have raised an amazing £19,580 towards our £20,000 target.

“Thanks to you we are able to take the actions needed to respond to the disease, and continue to look after our nature reserves for wildlife and people.”

The Trust is using the donations to train staff and volunteers in identifying trees affected.

Volunteers will also be planting tmore in a bid to replace the numbers lost.

For more information and to donate to the cause go to Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s website, wiltshirewildlife.org