Robert Buckland is not the only candidate pounding the pavement for hours on end in a bid to rally support around south Swindon.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats are both hoping to end the Conservative candidate's tenure as Member of Parliament for the area and take his place in the House of Commons.

Coun Stan Pajak is leader of the Swindon Liberal Democrats and the south Swindon candidate. He said: "The reaction on the doorstep has been very good.

"Canvassing has been slightly limited by the winter weather because no-one goes to their door when it's dark and during the day, they're usually out of the house.

"This is my third and probably last election because I'd like to let someone younger carry the torch next time.

"While it would be nice to be third time lucky, I will have to wait and see what happens, it's a voyage into the unknown.

"People are unhappy with the whole event and fed up of hearing about politics and Parliament which may affect the turnout.

"Some of the parties' policies sound like a pantomime, which is appropriate for this time of year.

"Trust is another big issue - many people don't like Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn because they feel that one is a liar and one will drag us back into the past.

"A small team of four have accompanied me on this campaign. It's always good to have someone with you to boost morale and sympathise with when it's cold and wet.

"Now we're focusing on one last big push to get these leaflets out."