A Highworth golf club is set to permanently close only a few days before Christmas because of ‘unstainable losses’.

Twigmarket signed a 25-year lease for the Highworth Golf Centre five years ago but it announced its decision to shut the facility on December 20.

The company blamed the low number of memberships for the closure of the Highworth club. But Twigmarket said it will continue its 75-year lease of the Broome Manor courses.

Here's what you told us on Facebook...

Mark Bye: “Sad news. My father opened this course when he was mayor, I was one of the first to play a round of golf.”

Johnny Rayner: "Hardly surprising. They run it into the ground. The fairways were full of daisies."

Ian Titcombe: "Sign of the times, golf courses struggling all over the place and doubt if it would have been any different if still run by the Council."

Karl Os: "Run down to build houses....it used to be a fantastic club with lots of members."

Thomas Craigie: "The alarm bells regarding Twigmarket were ringing years ago and guess who didn't listen? Need you ask! Another example of outsourcing failure and of course it won't be SBC's fault."

Michaela Lane: "Sad to see this. Lots of childhood memories playing pitch and putt with my Grandad here."

Liam Coyle: Another facility for sporting activity closed down for more houses! SBC needs to get its act together.

"We need infrastructure and facilities, “not more houses!"

Carol Shelley: "Twigmarket claiming a 15 year decline... so it begs the question, Why did you take it on? Dare I suggest.. housing, housing, housing..."

Jamie Pearce: "Swindon is poor for making us residents aware of what we have.

"I have lived here all my life yet I did not realise this place even existed."

Michael Eckett: "If they do decide to develop this for housing they should make a high percentage affordable and also improve the infrastructure of Highworth with a new school and doctors surgery.

“A lot of this land could still be retained as parkland to be enjoyed by the people of Highworth.

"Our town council will hopefully play a pivotal role in any future developments.”

Richard Howroyd: "Sad news but no surprise when Twigmarket are mentioned - not a company to do business with!"