Car parks around the railway station are on the line in new plans for the town centre.

In Swindon Borough Council's updated Local Plan, the areas are described as giving the station a “parkway character not consistent with its town centre location.”

Alongside the car parks, the plan also looks at the Wyvern Theatre for expansion, allowing it to host the art gallery and museum.

Here’s what you told us on Facebook:

Toby Robson: “So encourage people to use the train for long journeys, by stopping them parking up?”

Chris Lewis: “So how do I park to get the train to London for work then? Along with hundreds of others.”

Andy Millin: “About as likely as Snoasis being built.”

Hannah Turner: “Good, get on the bus or get on your bike.”

Colin Jones: “Move the station then. Another silly plan.”

Thomas Craigie: “A train station as big as Swindon with no proposed parking?

“Swindon Borough Council have finally lost the plot. Put Iggle Piggle and Makka Pakka in charge, they’re far better qualified.”

Richard Howroyd: “Do they not understand the importance of the train station car parks for all of us that commute on a daily basis?

“We now know why they purchased Bristol Street car park.

“They have failed to deliver any town centre regeneration, so I will probably have retired before this gets any further.”

Simon Tilbury: “I see their plan now.

“Stop people leaving by making the train station impractical.

“Next they’ll go all Donald Trump and build a wall in front of the M4.”

Paul Farwell: “Nobody comes to Swindon for shopping anymore because the town centre is about as appealing as an elephant graveyard.”

Ady King: “Good idea, then park and ride into the centre for those getting the train.

“Quicker route into town and less traffic in the centre.”

Nic Jansen: “Do the planners actually live in or even know Swindon? Or is it just a load of models and number crunching?

“The last lot of so-called planners made a pig’s ear of what has been done so far.”

Paul Fallows: “It won’t happen.”

Yvonne Parr: “Seems to always be planning with no execution.”

David Pixton: “This is a good plan, they should have a Greggs there with an in-store Costa concession and somewhere you can go to vape.”

Bob Green: “Renard and his mates are destroying this town.

“They are hell bent on building this museum that the majority don’t want.

“Typical of the poor and inadequate Conservative leadership, not just of this town but the whole of the UK.”

David Bott: “The only success in Swindon is the Wyvern Theatre and they want to get rid of convenient parking? Brilliant.”

Holly Bouquet: “The planners really don’t have a clue, do they?”

Steve Hateley: “Why don’t we name the place Dumbtown and be done with it.”

Phil Baker: “It is mind-blowing, their plans for station parking.

“Need a multi-storey car park to cope with increase in rail travel.

“Wake up council.”