A DOG rescue charity is thanking people for their generosity after raising enough money to fund vital surgery for one of their pooches.

In just under a week, SNDogs raised £1,000 through an appeal on Facebook and Paypal.

Marvin, a four-month-old French bulldog puppy needed treatment to correct an eye condition and a hernia.

Trustee and volunteer Clare Fantini-Stephens said: “We’re so grateful to everyone who donated money.

“We really can’t thank everyone enough for helping us.”

Marvin's problem was 'cherry eye' – a condition where the tear gland becomes swollen and red, covering part of the eye.

It is common in certain breeds and most often seen in young dogs.

Marvin was handed into SNDogs because his conditions meant the breeder was not able to sell him.

“Everyone was so generous,” said Clare.

“Especially considering it is so near Christmas, so money is often tight for people.

“We had people donating from all over, some of whom don’t even live in Swindon.”

To help raise awareness of his plight, the charity took Marvin around Swindon to meet people.

Clare added: “People gave small amounts, big amounts.

“We took Marvin to Asda at the weekend and there was a guy there who gave us £200.

“He just saw him, went to the cash machine and then said ‘here you go’. We were just a bit like ‘wow’.

“There was someone else who said if we didn’t reach the target then he would pay for the remainder of it so Marvin would definitely get his treatment.”

The hound went in for his surgery at the beginning of December and is now rehabilitating at his foster home.

“Marvin’s surgery went well,” continued Clare.

“Rebecca his foster mum slept downstairs with him afterwards on the first night and he was rather uncomfortable during the night and then slept for most of the day.”

While Marvin’s hernia should not require further treatment, his cherry eye may do so in the future.

After a few weeks recovering at home the hound will become available for adoption.

“We expect he will be rehomed pretty quickly,” said Clare.

“We’ve had loads of interest in him. Everyone loves Marvin, he’s been a big hit.”