NORTH Swindon candidate for the Conservative Party Justin Tomlinson has racked up one million steps while out on the campaign trail.

He said: "This is my fifth general election campaign, having first been elected in 2010. With my fantastic campaign team, new walking shoes will need to be ordered! Writing the election leaflets has been done while juggling my baby Margot on my knee - a very able assistant.

"Elections are a great opportunity to speak directly with residents but it's not just about having a presence at election time - they know that I'm available all year.

"I am proud to represent my community as a councillor for 10 years and as MP for nine years. Last week, rated me the second best MP and I am very proud that I have always focused on helping local residents and being visible and approachable.

"I have never seen anything like this on the doors. Lifelong Labour supporters and activists are switching over due to a mix of Brexit, anti-Semitism and hostility to Corbyn and hard-left aggressive politics.

"Residents have shown their frustration and anger that Parliament failed to break the deadlock on Brexit, but as the campaign has progressed we have seen a very clear understanding that if we can gain just nine MPs we can get Brexit done.

"Politics goes in cycles, but one thing is consistent - if you move from the centre ground, you lose the public."