TEENAGERS preparing to vote for the first time on Thursday have urged other people their age to get involved in politics.

Politics students Chloe O’Leary and Kian Saber at New College are looking forward to going to the polls tomorrow.

Chloe said: “Politics is very important because many of the issues it involves, like healthcare, education, climate change and Brexit, have a huge impact on our community.

“Even though some politicians sound like a broken record, it’s vital that young people are interested because it’s a relevant subject. I’m voting for Labour and have been canvassing with the party in south Swindon."

Kian said: “I started studying politics because I wanted to broaden my knowledge about the nature of the world. It’s integral that young people gain the knowledge they need to become well-informed.

“Many of us are frustrated by how things are now and want things to change but nothing will change unless we help make it happen.

"I’m voting Labour because of what’s happened over the last nine years - I’ve seen more homeless people on the streets and heard of people struggling with Universal Credit, it’s heartbreaking.

“There needs to be more community-based investment that benefits the younger and older generations so that we can look after each other.”

Students in other classes, like Level 3 digital marketing apprentices Chloe White and Edward Miller,

Chloe said: "I try to persuade my friends to vote because as young people we should really use this opportunity. If you want to see change, it’s now or never. You can’t complain about the outcome, if you didn’t vote yourself.

"The NHS is important to me and I think we take it for granted. If we didn’t have it, there would be so many people unable to afford both basic and more complex treatments and services. My nan relies heavily on NHS support and without it we would really struggle.

"Environmental issues are also really important to me, so I’ve based my vote around issues concerning the NHS, climate change and the environment.

"I am planning on voting Labour.

"I originally was going to vote for the Green Party, but have changed my mind and am now going to vote Labour.

"I changed my mind because I think voting Green would be a throwaway vote, they just aren’t popular enough compared to the likes of Labour and Conservative, so I guess I would say I’m voting tactically."

Edward said: "I definitely plan on voting because there are so many issues that have been going on for too long and they need to be resolved.

"Brexit is the most important thing because we have been trying to leave for years and yet are still in the same position. It seems to be putting the economy on hold. Once it is sorted, I think it will allow the economy to boom again.

"I haven’t tried to persuade friends to vote because it’s their choice and it wouldn’t be fair to try and make them vote if they aren’t comfortable doing it. But I believe it’s important to use your vote because if everyone did, we’d have a different outcome.”