SCRAPPERS Gym has been helping young people and those living with a disability beat the odds.

It has helped teenagers like Marcellus Hill, 17, who has ADHD, bipolar disorder and autism to deal with his mental health in a better way.

Him joining the club came about after his mum Cathy told him about the children she takes there as part of her job as a social worker.

Now the sport is a passion for Marcellus that is a place where he doesn't feel judged.

Harvey Webster, 14, has autism, Aspergers syndrome and ADHD but without Scrappers he wouldn't have developed his confidence especially in social situations.

He stopped taking his medication shortly after joining.

Despite only running its disability and mental health classes for a year, it has been so successful the gym is planning to run a new class.

It will be for those who are partially blind and could be starting next year.

CEO of the Scrapstore which runs Scrappers Olivia McCann believes this club is vital.

She said: "There’s nothing for young people to do anymore so it’s really important to get them involved.

"It’s not just about boxing, it’s about self respect and helping them grow."

But it has also changed the lives of people who have almost lost everything.

Darren Smith, 44, lost the sandwich and catering business he had built up which left him feeling hopeless.

But then he saw a Facebook post advertising its mental health classes.

Darren, of Haydon Wick, said: “After I lost my business I went into a depressed state and I thought ‘why not?’ I couldn’t even go into a shop without having an anxiety attack and now I’ve overcome that.”

It changed his life by making him become more confident and believing in himself again.

He went on from taking the classes to teaching them.

He told the Adver: “I think it has given me focus, it builds your confidence up and they make you feel a part of something good and as part of the family."

Disability classes run on Mondays and Fridays between 10am and 11am.

On Wednesdays, mental health classes run between 11am and 12 noon.

Scrappers Gym bags the cash for new classes

IT has become so popular for the people in Swindon that it was voted to win £100,000.

The competition is run by Persimmon Homes Building Futures with almost 100 organisations hopeful to bag the cash.

A boxing coach at Scrappers Gym at Sensor House, Paul Rogers, was shocked by the result.

He said: "I’m gobsmacked. There were so many worthy projects, to win is incredible. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of people that voted."

They said they will likely spend it on a minibus to make it more accessible for people around the town.

It is also going to be used to fund their new classes for those who are partially blind or live with Down Syndrome.

These are scheduled to start next year.

Scrappers came along in November 2011 to provide a low cost alternative to other gyms and fitness centres.