An agricultural yard in Wanborough with some “severely dilapidated” buildings could be transformed into a small development of nine houses.

Developers Jane Fisher, Alison Bowns and Fairwater Homes have applied for permission to use the land at Croft Yard on Ham Road, just south of the junction with Church Road for nine houses.

The linear site running east off Ham Road could see the houses arranged in pairs, with one larger house on its own. Two would face the road and the other be arranged either side of a new access street.

Neighbours seem particularly keen on the additional six parking spaces for the doctors' surgery next door the developers say they will provide.

Phil Spreag who lives directly opposite said: "It will help. People park outside the surgery and along the road and the farmer has to drive right up on the verge to get round them.. It can be a real problem.

"Sue Spreag said: "The application is for the sort of houses the village needs more of, three-bedroom semis for families, not large executive homes.

"Even more parking would be better, because people using the pub in the evening will inevitably use it. I think 12 spaces would be better."

The developers’ application says the plan would create” a sensitive, intimate layout that would appear as an informal traditional cluster rather than a modern cul-de sac.”

The plans submitted say the two houses fronting Ham Road would be “villa” style reflecting “the architecture of the adjacent doctors’ surgery. This creates and addition to the streetscene that is consistent with the character of this part of the conservation area.”

All the nine houses in the plan would have three bedrooms. The single house on the northern edge of the site would have its master bedroom constructed over a double car port integrated into the building.

The North Wiltshire Swifts protection group has written to planners at Swindon Borough Council asking them to mandate the houses be built with special bricks to allow nesting by the endangered birds.

The plans are available to view and comment on on