POLICE have closed a crack den on Faringdon Road for the second time this year.

The house in the Railway Village was sealed off in June and Wiltshire Police obtained a partial closure from magistrates for a further three months.

The order is the 30th of its kind put in place in the town by the force in 2019. It comes after visits by officers and reports from neighbours amid concerns the ‘vulnerable’ occupant is being exploited by drugs gangs.

Neighbourhood officer for the Railway Village PC Nick Finning said: “Closure orders of this nature enable us to protect the resident, and prevent drugs gangs entering the property and exploiting vulnerable people. The impact on those living nearby has also been huge and we hope this brings some relief to them.

“The order will remain in place for three months – during this time we will continue to work with the resident and partner agencies including Swindon Borough Council, to come up with a long-term solution to the problem.

“This is the 30th order of this nature that Swindon Police have obtained in 2019 and it is an exceptionally effective tool in protecting the most vulnerable in our society and disrupting destructive behaviour that can really have a negative impact on the whole community.”

If you have concerns that a neighbour or someone in your street is involved in drug dealing or is being cuckooed, call 101.