When the Fawlty Towers dinner show arrives at the Wyvern Theatre tonight, it will bring with it one of Swindon’s own.

Alice Offley grew up in Cheney Manor before moving to London to start an acting career and will be playing Sybil Fawlty in the sold-out show.

Acting is something that Alice has always had a passion for, even at a young age, and she has since gone on to have roles in Sky’s Trollied and BBC’s Doctor Who.

She said: “I always loved performing. I would make up shows for my parents and grandparents because that was my hobby, it was what I liked to do.

“I grew up in a kind-of musical theatre background because my mum and dad were in a band in Swindon, so I was always encouraged to perform.”

Alice’s return to Swindon is the first in her acting career and something for which she cannot wait.

“I love Swindon,” she added: “I’m very proud and excited to be back here and performing.

“I haven’t come back here at all, I was in the Wyvern choir when I was younger so I know my way around the place a little bit.

“But it’s exciting and means a lot. It’s a nice accomplishment.”

Tonight’s show at the Wyvern is just one of many performances that have been sold out along the tour.

But Alice said: “I’ve managed to squeeze my mum and dad in tonight.”

There is a lot of pressure for her to get her portrayal of Sybil right. The 1970s TV series is still remembered fondly, even though only a dozen were made.

“People like Sybil,” she said: “Women are normally already on my side because I have to put up with a husband who is a bit of a pain.

“Playing this role is one of the most fun things. There’s a lot of pressure because most people who come to see it are big fans of the original show so they might deliver the punchline first.

“You have to make sure you stay in character. There’s a bit of stand-up comedy involved because it will all depend on what type of audience you have and how you interact with them.

“Doing this is different to TV because, with a live audience, you get an instant reaction to what you’re doing and it’s great.”

Currently, Alice has nothing new in the pipeline, but is hoping that the Fawlty Towers show might make it to London in the future and is preparing for a host of auditions in the new year.

Alice isn’t the only Swindonian to have a role in the Fawlty Towers dinner show, Erin Leighton previously played Polly when the show was in town in February.

Set in the dining room at Basil and Sybil Fawlty’s infamous seaside hotel, the cast of the show recreate some of the sit-com’s best known scenes while diners enjoy a three course meal at the Wyvern’s Spotlight Room.