DEACON and Son Jewellers is the second-oldest family business in Swindon behind Arkell’s.

George Deacon opened the store at Wood Street in 1848 after making clocks as an apprentice.

His great, great, great nephew Richard Deacon is now the owner of the jewellers.

He said: “He was an apprentice at 14 and then he got to 26 and decided to start his own company. He thought Swindon was a great place particularly with Great Western Railway arriving and that’s why he chose this town for his business.”

Richard took over the family business in 1998 after his dad, Michael, died.

He took it on along with his wife Karen, his sister Sara, 48, and mum Joy, 80.

But not everything has been simple. Richard told the Adver of the biggest challenge they face.

He said: “I think the greatest thing is that you have to adapt your business to the changing landscape and that has been a very big challenge.

“It’s been a perfect storm in the high street with the massive growth of the internet, that’s why you’re seeing lots of shops close. It’s been survival of the fittest.”

Despite this he says that one thing has helped keep Deacons running.

He said: “People don’t want to see the same old things all the time we do actively find things or make things that you couldn’t find yourselves because they’re one of a kind.

"People want to be different from the crowd so we have got every chance of being successful.”