A CHARITY founded in honour of a young woman who died of diabetes helped fundraise for educational resources which will help children at Great Western Hospital.

Sabrina's Mile donated an expensive educational box full of visual aids that will help explain to newly-diagnosed young patients and educate schoolchildren about the human body, nutrition and illness.

Former Swindon Advertiser employee Sabrina Moccia died in 2016 of a cardiac arrest after struggling with diabetes.

Her mother Luisa Moccia runs the charity set up in the 33-year-old's memory. She said: "I've always wanted to fundraise for something that the hospital can use and I'm really pleased that this will be hepful.

"If these young people have a friend with diabetes, the children can easily understand what's happening to them and why.

"It's a very new bit of kit that nurses can use in the wards and when they visit schools - two of these boxes cost £1,750. We first heard about it from a paediatrics nurse at the start of the year and thought it would be worth having at the hospital.

"People have been so kind in donating and it's nice that they can see where their money is going."

This is the result of the latest in a series of fundraisers and events that Sabrina's Mile has organised throughout 2019.

The charity raised £1,000 which helped pay for an ultrasound machine at the Carfax Medical Centre.

A group of 15 children with Type 1 diabetes got the chance to go rock-climbing together.

Luisa added: "We wanted to do something fun and it was nice to see them all enjoying themselves.

"Having diabetes can feel quite lonely at times but events like this help bring young people with the condition people together and get them talking. I've never been in a room full of so many people with Type 1 diabetes.

"It was good for the parents, too, because they could meet other mums and dads over a coffee and give advice and comfort to each other."