The UK's most popular touring medium is returning to the Wyvern theatre in January.

After getting to the final five of Celebrity Big Brother, Sally Morgan will be at the venue on Wednesday January 22 with her new 10 Years and Counting show.

Sally said: "My ability allows me to harness the energy around individuals in the audience and pass on messages from their loves ones who have passed with incredible accuracy.

"I call every message validated a wonder moment.

"So take your seats, relax, be open-minded and ready to come forward is you think the message is for you.

"Spirits move in mysterious ways but are with us always.

"Open mediumship messages are a pure channel of spirit, letting us know they are there, at peace, and always with us.

"When you come to one of my shows, you will be able to see spirit working in all its glory."

Tickets are £27 and can be booked at