Different sections of the community in Wroughton and Wichelstowe were brought together at the Deanery as part of a social scheme aimed at encouraging people to get to know each other.

Organised by Martina Lewis, Let’s Chat is part of a wider network that includes Let’s Pray, Let’s Talk and Let’s Reboot.

Originally starting with Let’s Talk, where people would get together to discuss a particular topic, such as first aid at Christmas, Let’s Chat came about after people asked for something broader.

Martina said: “Somebody said ‘well what about just having a coffee morning’ and I thought there’s loads of coffee mornings.

“So maybe we could have something a little bit different and then I thought why not bring all the key members of the community together?

“Whether that’s the lady that is very good at knitting and would like to promote her knitting group or if it is the mayor.

The aim of the sessions is to introduce people from across the communities, to help form a larger community and to show people what else exists in their local area.

Martina added: “It’s a right mixture of people. Last Let’s Chat we had people here who have lived in Wroughton a long time and I didn’t even know those people existed here.”

“It’s really getting the community together and getting to know each other.

“You’ll get to know faces in the community.

“There is no agenda here. People just come to mingle and chat and it’s all free.”

At this month’s event were members from a variety of different community groups.

Betty Spence, who started the Swindon Christmas Care Project 30 years ago, said: “I think it’s a good thing to have.

“I’m in the Parks area but my daughter lives in Wroughton.

“It’s great to have this place where people can come and just chat. It’s good to chat.”

Pat Salter, manager at the Wroughton Country Market, said: “We were invited as an advertising opportunity for the market.

“But we realised that, with Wichelstowe being part of Wroughton, we would like to encourage residents to come and see us at the market.

“This is a lovely event at a lovely new venue.

“It’s nice to speak to other local organisations and make those connections.”

The Let’s Chat sessions take place once a month. To find out when the next meeting is you can email Martina at letsinspirecommunity@gmail.com