ADAM Poole's snap of a beautiful sunset over the Wilts and Berks Canal at Wichelstowe has been chosen as camera club picture of the month

He often cycles around the new bridge at Peglars Way but this time there was something a bit different and he decided he had to capture it in the lens.

Adam, 54, of Savill Crescent in Wroughton, said: “I was just cycling, I do a lot of that. I just went for a ride along the canal and I came under the bridge and there was the sunset above. It was pretty, it was amazing to see so I just decided to take the photo with my phone.”

Usually he would use his Nikon D300 but didn’t have it so used his Samsung Galaxy S9 .

When he was told of his win he couldn’t believe it. “I’m just amazed, I’m gobsmacked that someone else thinks my photography is that good," he said. “I usually take pictures around the West Wiltshire Downs but I just wanted to capture this beautiful sunset. I do quite like taking pictures of sunsets I used to do it a lot when I lived in Ibiza a decade ago.”