THE Green Party candidate for North Swindon is very worried about the future of the country following the Conservatives’ decisive win.

Andy Bentley said: “I have a huge amount of worry for the future. We’ll get five more years of a Tory government that’s done next to nothing to tackle climate change and the emergency is going to get ever more critical.

“Locally, I have mixed feelings. The Green Party was hoping to improve our share of the vote following our success in the local and EU elections and we have done that, we’ve doubled the votes and the vote share we had in 2017.

“This is good news, but we’re still down at three per cent so still a long way to go yet and it was a bad result overall.

“It’s a complete mystery to me how the Conservatives increased their majority. Of course, we all walk around in our own little bubbles, surrounded by friends who think similar things.

“I don’t know anyone who thinks the Conservatives have done a good job over the last 10 years or that Justin’s done a good job for Swindon and it’s really sad to see two local MPs supporting this prime minister.

“All those good things in our party’s manifesto were there not because they’re nice little things we thought it would be good to do but because they are things we have to do.

“When I got involved with Extinction Rebellion, we brought five bridges to a standstill and now we’ll have to bring the country to a standstill if nothing’s changed in a year’s time.”