BURGLAR Daniel Ebanks appeared emotionless as he was jailed for the raid on CCTV boss Chris Locke’s home.

The 41-year-old had already pleaded guilty to the break-in.

Speaking on Ebanks’ behalf, counsel Ray Tully said his client’s role had been relatively limited. He had acted as a lookout having been promised the burglary would result in a significant windfall.

“He had recently been released from prison. He was somewhat frustrated at the levels of support available for someone in his position. What was his bugbear was accommodation,” he said.

Mr Tully said of the burglary: “It’s a mean, despicable crime and the shame of it will have to sit with him.

“It’s resulted in considerable distress with the victim and he will have to take his fair share of that responsibility.”

The barrister acknowledged his client had a poor record, with 30 previous convictions. But he had just one conviction for burglary. “He is not someone who habitually gets involved in dwelling house burglary.”

Ebanks admitted burglary, possession of class A drugs and failing to attend the crown court for a previous hearing. He was sentenced to 17 months in jail.

Co-defendant Ben Salaman will be sentenced at Swindon Crown Court on January 10.