MAJOR changes to the GWR train timetable came into force today and many commuters should feel the impact.

Changes include more trains to and from London as well as a shorter journey time of 55 minutes.

But while the changes have been welcomed by most commuters, some on the platform at Swindon feel that they won’t see any benefit.

Paul Thacker, who travels to Newport, said: “It will take a bit of getting used to.

“People will need to be careful what trains they’re getting on as a lot are going to stop in different places than they used to.

“It won’t be too bad coming from Swindon but the times are going to differ.

“It might catch a few people out.”

But Paul was unsure if the extra trains would really work.

“I don’t know how the extra trains are going to pan out,” he added: “I’m already hearing that there are issues with the amount of staff and drivers that are available.

“It will definitely be a while until we get the full force of the changes but it’s going to be interesting.”

Alberto Danieli, who was heading to London, sees the changes as a positive.

He said: “I don’t think it will impact me massively, but it is definitely a positive.

“Sometimes I pay £70 for a ticket and I end up standing next to the toilet. More seats will be much much better.”

Darren Crumbleholme, who commutes to Bristol, said: “I’m quite pleased with the trains to London.

"They will be a lot quicker and a lot more reliable. And have a lot more space.

“It won’t be a big impact for me. I go to Temple Meads everyday and I’m going to be getting there about five minutes quicker than usual.

“The communication has been great as well. They’ve been telling us for months and months that D-Day was coming.”

The new timetable is the biggest change to the system in 43 years.

At the announcement, Mike Gallop, route managing director for Network Rail, said: “It will mean faster journeys and more frequent services for passengers.

“It follows unprecedented investment in railway infrastructure including electrification, improved signalling and upgraded stations.”