COMMUNITY nurse Kelly Till will spend Christmas in hospital after being diagnosed with two brain tumours.

After the 33-year-old experienced headaches and loss of hearing in her right ear she was sent for an MRI by her doctor.

And just a week after the results came through she was rushed to Southmead Hospital in Bristol to have emergency surgery.

Kelly, a community nurse based at the Orbital, told the Adver: “After I had my surgery the surgeons came in.

"They were going to wait for my mum but I told them to just tell me.

“I could have lost my sight and hearing, but they managed to remove the two tumours.

"I was in shock when they told me but I didn’t want to show my mum how I was feeling, she would have been very upset.”

Kelly was diagnosed with ependymoma – tumours located in the central nervous system.

The larger was benign but the smaller one was cancerous.

Kelly made the heartbreaking decision to to write cards and prepare photos for her five-year-old neice Ava, in case she died.

“I look after her full time and if I’m gone and she feels down she can look at them,” she said.

After the surgery, doctors discovered the fluid in Kelly's brain was not draining down into her spine.

This meant she had to have two more operations, in which a permanent shunt was put in place – a small mechanical passage to drain fluid.

Now she must undergo 33 sessions of radiotherapy until January, meaning she will spend Christmas in hospital.

Kelly said: “I will be facetiming my family on the day and then when I’m out I’m going to have a second Christmas with Ava.

“I’m just upset that I miss her milestones.

"They’re not big ones but they’re still important.”

All of this means she has had lot on her mind especially as she’s used to being busy looking after everyone.

As well as Ava, she looks after six collies and nine horses at her family's farm.

But her work friends have been working with her parents to make sure the farm is looked after.

And the parents at Ava’s school have been making sure she still goes on play dates.

All of them worked together to help Kelly and went above and beyond by working to raise money for her family.

So far they’ve raised over £3,000 on a JustGiving Page.

Kelly, of Stroud, said: “It’s really overwhelming that they wanted to help me with the things I was so worried about and they still visit me so I still feel apart of it all.

"It’s so heartwarming.”