A BURGLAR struck within minutes of a mum leaving home to take her children to school – leaving them so terrified they now want to move house.

Daniel Ebanks and pal Ben Salaman broke into CCTV boss Chris Locke’s Cheney Manor Road home in October, making off with a £2,000 watch and electronics.

Ebanks, 41, was this week jailed for 17 months at Swindon Crown Court for his role as look out.

Judge Jason Taylor QC said: “It’s clear that your actions along with the person you were with has had a real and tangible effect, which anyone who’s been burgled will understand.”

Chris Locke has spoken out - telling the of horror his family felt after the burglars struck in broad daylight.

CCTV on the house caught the pair walking past at 8.30am. At 9am, Chris’s partner took their four-year-old to nursery. Just one minute later the burglars struck, sidling up to the property on their bicycles before going over to a side gate.

Cameras picked Ebanks’ arm fumbling for the bolt. He failed to unlock it – instead leaping over the wooden gate. Salaman struggled and fell to the floor.

The pair walked to the back of the house, glancing at the brightly-coloured children’s toys in the garden.

Ebanks could be seen removing what looked like a chisel from his rucksack before attempting to jemmy the window. He failed, instead using the tool to smash his way in. Then he sent orange-jacketed Salaman in through the window.

The older man tracked dirt through the house. Heading upstairs to the couple’s bedroom, he rifled through drawers and threw the mattress to one side. An expensive watch was among the goods stolen.

A minute and a half later Salaman was out. Ebanks was seen reaching into the window and pulling an Alexa smart speaker from the wall.

Thanks to the crystal-clear quality of the CCTV footage, police were able to identify the pair and arrest them in just over 24 hours.

Mr Locke, who has run his own CCTV firm for six years, said: “The long and short of it, if they want to get into your house they will. But the worst part of a burglary is never knowing who did the crime. The fact we have these cameras means we know who did it.”

But the effect on his family of four has been significant: “These burglars just don’t understand the impact on people’s lives.

“We were going to check into a hotel for the first 24 hours. We don’t want to stay here. We don’t feel safe.”

And the revelation that the pair had gone into the shops at the top of Cheney Manor Road earlier that day prompted a pledge from Mr Locke to improve the CCTV in the area. “I want to contact the council and put the cameras up on the shops. I don’t want anyone else to go through this again,” he told the Adver.