IT takes in and rehomes all kinds of unwanted dogs from the UK and Europe.

Now SNDogs is celebrating a record year after finding 169 forever homes during the past 12 months.

“It’s been a great year,” said trustee and volunteer Clare Fantini-Stephens.

“Every year we seem to get more and more adoptions. We just seem to have lots more people wanting to rescue dogs.”

Among the success stories is Opal, a five-year-old ex hunting dog from Spain who has narrow scars on the back of her head from an attempt to hang her when she was no longer useful for hunting.

New owner Karen Jones said: “Opal is so lovely. She’s as good as gold, and we absolutely wouldn’t have been without her from the moment she stepped into our home.

“After all the abuse she’s suffered I’ve never met a sweeter dog,” she added.

Neglected Staffordshire bull terrier cross Hope also found her forever home this year.

Janet Stenner, who took on the seven-year-old hound who suffers with a skin condition said: “She is just the most gorgeous little dog and we’re absolutely thrilled to have her.”

Hope still has a few problems with her coat but is currently being fed fish paste and salmon oils as part of her treatment.

“She’s being spoilt to death,” said Janet. “But it’s no more than she deserves. Her coat has gone from a grey to a lovely glorious black and tan brindle, and her eyes are bright and sparkly.”

The pooch was treated to her own stocking on Christmas day.

Janet added: “It’s wonderful having a new dog for Christmas.

“I can’t thank SNDogs enough.”

Two -year-old Tiana is also an ex-hunting dog who didn’t get much interest from potential owners. She was finally adopted in October alongside Bambi.

Neil Stutely who has taken on the pair, said: “We’re very pleased to have them. It’s lovely when you come home and they’re barking and wagging their tails, happy to see you.

“There’s not a better feeling in the world then coming through the door and a pair of dogs going mental because they’re happy to see you.”

The pooches make good alarm clocks for his children. “Tiana is the worst one. She will actually get under the bed covers and start rolling around until they get up,” he said.

A 12-year-old West Highland white terrier Agi was rehomed alongside a younger cockerpoo, Daisy, by Lucette and Des Rees.

“They’ve both settled in so well,” said Lucette. “Agi was 12 years in her family, so it must be awful at her age to be suddenly turned out.

“She’s no trouble at all. She trots along happily. Whereas Daisy is like taking a steam train for a walk.”

The pair were treated to a paper stocking with treats in for Christmas day.

Fallon, a two-year-old Setter who is scared of men, Roary, a seven-year-old terrier cross with epilepsy and Peanut, the18-month-old Chihuahua with a head tilt also found new families.

“We’re over the moon with how this year has gone,” said Clare. “I want to say a big thank you to everyone who’s donated to us, given their time and supported us. We couldn’t do it without them.”