A THIEF stole a youngster's new bike just hours after he unwrapped in on Christmas morning.

Kirsty Long, from west Swindon, had given it to her son Billy – his first bike.

But only hours later, its lock was smashed while the family were enjoying their festive lunch at Kembrey Inn in Pinehurst.

“I still can’t believe it’s happened,” said the stay-at-home mum.

“I thought it was safe because it was locked up. Obviously the kids at the moment all have a lot of new presents and they’re going to be going out on their bikes. But they need to be aware that it’s not always safe. Don’t trust your bike anywhere you can’t literally see it with your own eyes,” she added.

The family had gone to visit Kirsty’s mum in Gorse Hill during the morning, and 11-year-old Billy then rode the £150 bike to the pub for lunch.“You just go into shock. You don’t expect it because it’s Christmas Day and everyone around you is happy and having a great time,” said Kirsty.

She added: “How can someone do that to a child? You can clearly see it’s a child’s bike."

The present was a surprise for Billy who asked for it after learning to ride his friend’s bike.

Kirsty added: “He was so excited to get it. He loved it. He got a new helmet as well and was really excited to try the helmet and bike. He was raring to go.”

It was later recovered by police in Park North having been painted and covered in newspaper.

Kirsty said: “Not only to take it but to destroy it too. It’s a brand new bike.

"It’s a horrible, horrible human act to do that to a child.”

Police have confirmed a 31-year-old man was arrested on Monday on suspicion of theft of a bike.