The NSPCC and O2 are urging parents to make online safety a priority if they have given children electronic devices for Christmas.

The advice comes after the charity and mobile network operator found thousands of parents who completed the O2 NSPCC Parents vs Kids online safety quiz were unsure about parental controls.

Out of 6,512 parents, 52 per cent of parents didn’t know that games consoles aren’t covered by a parental filter on the home broadband.

Out of 9,796 parents, 47 per cent didn’t realise if their child accessed the internet while at home through 3G, 4G or 5G they aren’t subject to the Wi-Fi parental controls.

Candia Crosfield, schools service manager for the South West and Wales said: “No doubt tablets, smartphones and games consoles will have featured on many Christmas lists this year. But the Internet is not without its risks, with some children still stumble across inappropriate content or even become victims of abuse.

“That’s why it is vital parents think of the online world in the same way as the real world, and apply the same level of protection to any app or game their child is using. Every parent who has bought an internet-connected device this Christmas should set-up parental controls to help protect their children from online risks. It’s also recommended parents have regular conversations with their children about staying safe online and how to report something that upsets them.”

For free advice visit or call the O2 and NSPCC’s online safety advice line on 0808 800 5002.