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Unnecessary work

On putting out my rubbish as usual, I accidentally put the plastic in the black general rubbish box.

When I corrected myself, I was stopped by the dustbin man who said “no, leave it there, don’t worry, they all go the same place - to be burned.”

If this is the case why does everyone in Swindon go to such great lengths to separate out paper, plastic, tin, glass, etc on to have it all burned together in exactly the same way?

If the man collecting my rubbish was honest, and I believe he was, then my 90 year old mother and everyone else is doing unnecessary work they need not do.

Cedric Wise, Carstairs Avenue, Park South

A bumpy ride

Just had to write about the state of the roads in Swindon. I have just returned to the roads after a gap of five years of it.

I have just got a 50cc scooter but having taken to the roads in Swindon recently, I think I should have get a motocross bike with the bumps, potholes, uneven road surfaces.

They are so bad on my scooter I have been thrown off the seat a few times already.

I am sure they were not this bad five years ago.

G Belcher, Kingsdown Road, Stratton

Closure confusion

The NHS walk-in centre closure can yet be sorted out, but it is another example of a management-driven approach to public service care.

The CCG has produced a gobbledegook statement which only it can understand. Reading it (SA January 3), it seems there will still be services available at the health centre building (Carfax Medical Centre and Whalebridge practice) but the statement does not say what those services will be.

CCGs are supposed to be clinically led, not run by managers. The CCG should be out there among the vulnerable, finding out what they need and not blaming a national directive from NHS England.

And as for less vulnerable folk, how will we know what is provided where? I have used the old Carfax centre and I still find the central location, still near the bus station, much handier than GWH.

By the way, why is this being changed only a short time after it was moved from Carfax?

Have requirements really changed that much?

Andrew Martin, Yiewsley Crescent

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