Tadpole Garden Village: Developers Crest Strategic Properties – part of the group which has built the Tadpole Garden Village extension in north Swindon – has been granted permission to create a 'green buffer zone'.

The strip of grassland and trees will run east from near Tadpole Farm.

The company said: “Where possible, species of local provenance will be used to ensure that the species planted are suited to their environment for example, soil type and location.”

The idea is “to supplement existing trees and woodland by ensuring the effective establishment and long-term management of new tree planting. This would create a sense of place and character and enhance the existing valuable habitat”.

The space will be available for people to walk and for children to play.

Town centre: Developer Phillip Brett from Woodley in Reading, who specialises in shared student-style houses of multiple occupation, has been given permission for another one.

Mr Brett will be able to convert 13 Lorne Street near Faringdon Road Park into seven-person HMO. He will build a two-storey extension at the back of the property. There will be three bedrooms, all en suite, on either floor, with two double bedrooms.

Town Centre: A new cafe and delicatessen could be coming to the town centre.

Peter Triggs who runs Aistone Properties has applied for permission to change the use of an existing shop in Fleet Square.

He hopes to divide the unit at No 14 into two halves. One would be a cafe while the other stocking high end foods, including fresh meat from a butcher’s counter at the back of the store.

South Marston: A huge new warehouse could be added to the industrial landscape just to the north of Swindon.

Panattoni, the developer and owner of the Symmetry park site just south of the A420 and just north of the A4129 has lodged plans for another major installation.

The new units, one single warehouse with loading bays and offices, will have an internal size of 58,000 square metres. That’s just more than 14 acres, or full six football pitches.

If given approval the huge shed, which will have three upper floors will be sited to the south of the road running off the roundabout on the site spine road.

If approved the owners say they estimate the new building would be able to sustain up to 1,500 jobs. The application says: “The type of premises, arranged over four floors, is dependent on robot technology to serve the upper three floors. A significant proportion of the warehouse staff will need to be skilled and semi-skilled to repair, maintain and programme the robotics.”

Old Town: A garage facing the street could be demolished to create a two maisonettes.

Nikki Wetherill, of Swindon company Novum Property, has lodged an application with planners at the borough council to knock down the double garage next to 40 Stafford Street in Kingshill.

If the plans are approved in its place could be built a single two-storey building containing two one-bedroom houses. The application says that design elements such as bay doors with their own pitched roof and under-window lintels will be used to reflect and “maintain the distinctive character” of the area.

A very similar application lodged for the same property by the same applicant earlier last year was refused for the maisonettes being too small.

Gorse Hill: Avtar Constructions has received permission to change a garden centre into a motor garage. The company will use the unit at the corner of Argyle Street and Cirencester Way, part of Argyle Commercial Centre. The only external changes will be the addition of new roller shutter doors to allow vehicles to enter the garage.