AN ADDICT halved his drugs to sell on to others in order to fund his habit and buy presents for his child.

Unfortunately for Sheldon Thomas, undercover officers codenamed Steve and Rob were among his customers in Swindon last year.

Now, Thomas, 38, has been jailed for three years after he admitted six counts of supplying class A drugs.

Swindon Crown Court heard Thomas sold “Rob” three wraps of crack cocaine for £20 in June.

A month later, “Steve”, the principal undercover officer, was given Thomas’ number by a young female addict. He made contact with Thomas and was sold heroin and crack cocaine on July 16 – selling another batch of cocaine later that day in return for clothing. The following day, July 17, Steve bought heroin and crack cocaine.

In total, Thomas sold the undercover police officers 13 wraps. Colin Meeke, prosecuting, said some of these drug wraps were so small they could not be tested.

Interviewed by police, Thomas said he was selling drugs in order to feed his own habit. He spent between £150 and £200 a day on crack cocaine and around £20 on heroin.

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Sheldon Thomas Picture: WILTSHIRE POLICE

“On one occasion he want some money to buy birthday presents for his child,” Mr Meeke said. Thomas would not name his associates.

The addict, who has 24 convictions on his record for 62 offences, was on a community order imposed just weeks before he dealt to the officers.

Thomas, of Rosebery Street, pleaded guilty at the magistrates’ court to six counts of supplying class A drugs.

Rob Ross, defending, said: “He is nearly 40 years of age and as his record indicates he’s not actually been involved in drug supply in any way before.

“What he has had is a history of acquisitive offending. He’s been a user of crack cocaine for many, many years and that culminated in him receiving a sentence of 10 years for robbery.”

He had come out of prison and worked as a plasterer. But things spiralled.

Mr Ross said: “Towards the end of 2018 his crack cocaine habit was getting out of control again and he started to use heroin then.”

The solicitor said it was apparent Thomas was “cutting what he’d bought for himself in half then selling the other half”. He added: “This was about subsidising a habit rather than anything else.”

Det Sgt Georgina Green of the Dedicated Crime Team said: "This is a good result after months of covert work by officers.

"Our message is: we will not tolerate drug dealing in Wiltshire."