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Walk-in gobbledegook

The NHS walk-in centre closure can yet be sorted out, but it is another example of a management driven approach to public service care.

The CCG have produced a gobbledegook statement which only they can understand.

Reading it (SA, January 3), it seems there will still be services available at the Health Centre building (Carfax Medical Centre and Whalebridge practice) but the statement does not say what those services will be. CCGs are supposed to be clinically led, not run by managers.

The CCG should be out there among the vulnerable, finding out what they need and not blaming a national directive from NHS England.

And as for less vulnerable folk, how will we know what is provided where?

I have used the old Carfax centre and I still find the central location, still near the bus station, much handier than GWH.

By the way, why is this being changed only a short time after it was moved from Carfax?

Have requirements really changed that much?

Andrew Martin, Yiewsley Crescent, Lower Stratton, Swindon

A delicate question

What does one do with Christmas presents that one struggles to understand what they are for?

From my wife, I received a set of washing pads that were soft on one side and like a Brillo pad on the other!

I also received with them, a set of washing cloths plus a very small thin towel that seems as though it will be useless to dry oneself with!

Another item was a well known supermarket brand of washing liquid.

I found the product quite greasy although very foamy but the washing pads seemed so uncomfortable to use, especially the sort of Brillo pad side! They seemed to rub every layer of skin off of my body, and were very uncomfortable to use on those delicate areas!

The very thin towel was next to useless and it wasn’t plain, it had writing and pictures all over it, something like ‘Hands that do dishes’.

I am too embarrassed to tell my wife about the unsuitability of them as she seems not to have the same feelings for me, as the crockery etc is piling up in the kitchen as never before!!

Advice please from any reader out there!

Chris Gleed, Proud Close, Purton

New Year New You

I’d like to invite your readers to make a New Year’s resolution to help us fight back against the devastation of meningitis in 2020 by joining our New Year New You campaign.

I know only too well the misery meningitis can bring. I was just 16 when I contracted bacterial meningitis, which left me seriously ill in hospital. Thankfully, I made a good recovery but others are not so fortunate.

Now, we’re inviting everyone to join us and sign up for a Meningitis Now challenge or community event as part of our New Year New You campaign. We have lots to choose from, to suit all levels of fitness and interest, including treks, cycles and runs, in this country and abroad.

All the details are on our website at

The serious point is that by doing so not only will you be getting in shape and achieving your personal goals but you will be making a real difference to those at risk of meningitis and those whose lives have already been changed forever because of it.

Thank you.

Seema Jaswal, Television presenter and Meningitis Now Ambassador

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