TOWNS across the country will be able to compete in a government competition to be crowned ‘Town of the Year’.

It aims to bring the community together and celebrate towns’ achievement.

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick will visit all the areas receiving funding under the government’s £3.6 billion Towns Fund.

We asked our readers if they think Swindon deserves to be the best town in England. Here’s what you told us...

Rob Grey: “Well, it’s best if you want to visit the shopping centre where you have a wide selection of coffee shops.

“The smell of stale urine fills the air as the local gangs walk about, looking to buy cheap cider.”

Ali Butler: “I used to love going into town, but not any more there is nothing there to bring me back to go shopping – the council needs to sort it out.

“Why does SBC let building companies knock old buildings down? I would love to see old building being put to good use.”

David Bott: “40-50 years ago most probably but now? No is the answer, lack of foresight and direction by successive council.

"Far too many houses without putting in sufficient services and road infrastructure. And a distinct lack of policing in the right areas!”

Clare Bristow: “Probably not the best anymore but not the worst by a long shot. Why is everyone so quick to moan about Swindon?”

Jacquie Titcombe: “Although I love Swindon, it definitely wouldn’t be my choice. It’s disgusting dirty place and the whole town centre needs a good clean up and something other than empty shops.”

Vince Povey: “Recommended for historically significant litter, potholes and well-crafted boarding up on most shops.”

Emma Kirby: “It’s better than a lot of places.”

Phil Titcombe: “Make the town somewhere where people want to come and shop.10-15 years ago the bottom of the town was buzzing at the weekend and now look at it. Ghost town!

“Make it look attractive to people, for brands that want to make a go at things.

“Pump money into Swindon but in the right places! Shopping, restaurants for families as well as those on a night out.

“Make this town proud again quickly.”

Jennie Wolfie: “Huge no! Start by sorting out some of the empty shops, then it’ll improve a bit. Too many empty shops and that is probably one of the biggest issues with Swindon at the moment.”

Sonia Adameke: “I love Swindon because it’s close and easily accessible to places like Bristol, Oxford, London, Reading, Bath, which means broader work prospects and also because of the cultural diversity but the actual town? I just pretend that it is not part of Swindon.”

Diane Webb Dickinson: “Swindon used to be nice town to live in. But the town centre has gone to ruin. You have to go to suburbs to get the better shops. I can’t remember the last time I went into town centre.”

Nicci Primrose: “I’ve lived in worse places but definitely not! Swindon used to be on the map! I used to get a bit anxious going to town as it was always so busy and bustling with shoppers. Now I get anxious as it’s so empty, I fell like I’m in a zombie apocalypse.

“It needs a huge amount of investment and vision! And why on earth was the Penhill park and ride never really used?

"That would have sorted the traffic problem around town out and the cost of parking.

“It is not like the parking fees are going towards repairing roads.”