THE underpass near Coate Water has flooded.

A sewer drain has overflowed and water is continuously pouring down towards the tunnel that goes underneath Queen's Drive, almost filling it up entirely.

Water is also flowing down the footpath under Marlborough Road that leads to Coate Water, but a drain at the other end of that underpass is keeping the water levels fairly shallow.

Some sewage waste has been pushed up onto the path with the surging water, causing a bit of a stink.

Dogwalkers, cyclists and joggers that use the route regularly were shocked by the flooding. 

Tina Harris found a shallow spot to cross and avoided getting her dogs Fudge and Luna too smelly and wet.

She said: "It was like a river, it stank. It's flooded before but not that much. 

"I usually walk the dogs along this route and use the path under Queen's Drive but obviously couldn't this time.

"I tried using the path in the other direction but it was almost as bad."

One person who did not give his name said: "I was very surprised by this, it's the worst I've seen it.

"I know there's been a lot of rain but I don't know why this time is so much worse than before."