The taxpayers of Swindon could be asked to pay an extra £1 every month towards policing.

Two options are being considered by Angus Macpherson, the police and crime commissioner.

The options are annual rises of £12 or a £8.25. Mr Macpherson yet to receive any indication about grants the force will be getting from Whitehall following the general election.

He will present those options to a panel meeting in Devizes today.

Here’s what you said on Facebook...

Concetta Mazzotta: “No, it went up last year I’m sure. It can’t keep going up every year.”

Joe Botwright: “Remove the crime commissioner position and you’d probably save nearly 90k including expenses there.

“Then I would be happy to pay more.”

Tracey Mcloughlin: “Yes of course I would, what’s £1 a month. But only if there was more police on the streets.”

Sam Austin: “My issues would be where does this end? £1 for police, then £2 for nurses, then £3 for extra teachers.

"Is this not just tax by stealth?

“We pay more than many of our European neighbours anyway, so throwing more money into the pot might not actually be the solution.”

Rachel Hall: “Pretty sure they said this before and nothing materialised from it.”

Brandon Kaye: “As long as the criminals stop being let off with less than a slap on the wrist once they reach the courts, sure.”

Mark Barrett: “No, we already pay taxes for this.

“The government should pay but they can’t be bothered to deliver what they are responsible for.

“Disgusting considering the secretary of state for justice is our MP. He should be ashamed.”

Scotty Brady: “I think we pay enough in taxes as it is. So no.”

Ang Farrant: “If it would help keep criminals off the streets then yes.”

Steve Goral: “If it meant more police on the streets, I’d happily pay double that.”

Gemma Hedges: “Would definitely pay £1 more a month for policing if it actually went to policing.”

Amjad Qazi: “Systematically conning the public in the name of ‘public services’.

"Taxes go up every year but services are getting worse.”

Louie Lewis: “What’s the point of paying the police more when all the courts do is let criminals walk free.

“Until there is tough justice there is no point.”

Natasha Swindells: “You only just about get put away in prison for committing murder these days, don’t you?

“Nothing will ever change with criminals, no matter how many police are on our streets as they all know the most they will get is community service or a small fine.

“Tougher sentences is the only way it will change.”

David Whitehead: “Totally would pay it, and more again for fire service and the NHS.”

Mat Brennan: “How about funding policing using the tax money that was never deducted when policing was cut by the Tories to begin with?”

Chris Williamson: “Ah, an extra £1 on council tax to fund policing to cover for cutbacks by central government. This way the council, not the government, take the blame for tax rises and it helps them keep in power.

“This is an example of an obvious stealth tax.”

Sidney Ansell: “Unfortunately most of the raised revenue will go into fat cat pockets, not into the community policing.”