AN IRATE Romeo stuffed fireworks into a vacuum cleaner to create an improvised bomb.

Steven Beeton admitted making an explosive device with components from pyrotechnics.

The 34-year-old is understood to have created the pipe bomb using the explosives and a Henry vacuum cleaner between January 15 and 18, two years ago.

He appeared in the dock at Swindon Crown Court yesterday and Judge Jason Taylor QC adjourned the case for a pre-sentence report.

Beeton, formerly of Ermin Street, Stratton, was bailed to return to the court on February 13 for sentence.

Chris Smyth, defending, said: “This is not a straightforward sentencing exercise. The court would be assisted by a pre-sentence report.”

In 2018, Beeton was jailed for 44 weeks after he admitted threatening his then partner, barging his way into her home and trying to flee from the police station after he was arrested.

The scaffolder went over the wall at Gablecross Police Station after he was arrested for a violent, drunken attack on his ex-partner in January 2018.

The IED charge relates to the same period.

Beeton escaped from the exercise yard by shimmying up between two walls like a climber scaling chimney in a rock face.

Despite detention officers shouting for him to come back he got on to the roof only to be detained in the car park the moment he landed on the other side.

On the morning of that incident he had turned up drunk at his partner’s home when she was out and was abusive when she got back.

He left before the police could arrive and later in the day he sent the woman a series of threatening texts.

In the evening he was banging on the door and as she was on the phone to the police he shouted: “If you don’t let me in in the next ten seconds I am going to kick the door in.”

He fled, but just after midnight the victim received a call from a friend saying he had been drinking and lost his temper and was coming to her home. She then received texts where Beeton threatened to kill her and burn her. Shortly before 2am he started banging on the front door so hard the house vibrated.

After smashing his way in he got upstairs where he pushed past the victim’s mum and shoved his ex-partner over.

She later told police he had completed a building better relationships programme after the previous incident and had been off the drink until then.

In the wake of those incidents Beeton was sent to jail by Recorder Ed Burgess and made the subject of a two-year restraining order.

The judge said: “When you drink you become incredibly violent. The text messages you sent to her that day were quite appalling.”

During that hearing prosecutor Colin Meeke said Beeton’s partner told police he was by and large a decent man but added: “When he drinks and smokes cannabis he turns in to a bit of a monster.”

Ellen McAnaw, who was defending, said her client had abstained from drinking for a year before the offences. As well as the domestic violence programme he had also completed an alcohol treatment requirement but had slipped back to drinking,

She said that the victim claimed she was not scared but wanted a restraining order to prevent him going to the house.

Referring to the escape bid she said “The officers remarked that they had never seen anyone do that before so perhaps it led to changes in that yard so it doesn’t happen again.”