Activity should soon be starting at the 'Snoasis' construction site.

Building work on the entertainment complex is due to start in a few weeks after a lengthy delay.

Developers Seven Capital were given planning permission to build the £270m indoor ski slope and entertainment centre in 2018 but had to delay the start of construction after they had difficulty in raising the necessary funds.

Here’s what you said on Facebook....

Gordon Todd: “What are they doing about the chaos it’s going to cause on the roads?”

Rich Townsend: “I’ll believe it when I see it. How many times has this been delayed now?”

Sandra Edmondson: “Wonder how much you pay to use it to get the money back.”

Ian Burton: “Waste of money”

Simon Cousens: “I’ll believe it when I see it, another white elephant no doubt.”

Ade Prim: “Nearest indoor ‘snow’ centres are two hours away. This will be hugely popular (if built), bringing people from Cheltenham, Bath, Bristol – although current road infrastructure, creaking at the seams, will be gridlocked.”

Simon Tilbury: “What did you do this weekend? Well, I sat in traffic all weekend trying to get to the snow centre.”

James Huynh: “This will be fantastic for Swindon businesses, but traffic will be a major concern.”

Jenny Stratton: “When and only when it’s built, it’ll be great, bringing people in from out of town.

“The roads need to be sorted. The roads can’t cope with everyday traffic let alone snow centre traffic.

“We’ll see what the Swindon Borough Council planning office come up with to make this one big white elephant that’s unfit for purpose.”

Christophe Scellier: “Been hearing about that snow centre for over 20 years.

“I remember five or six years ago when the company running the Oasis went bust, over £850,000 in debt, many local businesses were impacted.”

David Pixton: “What about food and drink for the hungry punters?

“Hopefully Greggs will open a franchise in Swindon and maybe a Costa too.”

Justin Carrington: “I hope this gets built. I think with a bowling alley and cinema it will probably see the end of Shaw Ridge.”

Casey Gallagher: “If we have a ski slope and snowboarding slope, why can’t we get a biggest ice rink?

“Personally, I think it will fit the theme well, and we could get one that’s big for the ice hockey.”

And here are some comments from the Adver's website...

'GritTheOyster': “Just think, if the horrendous Outlet traffic issues were sorted by the time it opens (I know, wishful thinking) then surely they could also cash in from the increase in visitors to Swindon.”

'GroundhogDay': “Best solution would be to redevelop the train station with full access north and south of the mainline.

“Many out-of-town visitors to the snow centre could arrive this way and walk there.

“Package deals for skiing and train combined could be sold. GWR have loads of joint deals like this.”

'ElvisJnr': “What a complete waste of money, Swindon needs more decent swimming pools, not a ridiculous indoor ski lane.”

'Dont like litter': “Be great if it gets built. I will definitely use it. If is the key word I guess.”

'Ed is back': “If they can get a link through to the Outlet, what a great day out that would be for visitors, got to be a huge plus for the town.”