A PARK North nursery is celebrating after almost tripling its numbers since opening just over a year ago.

Attached to Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Bush Babies started in September 2018 with 20 tots.

Since then the number of children has increased to 57.

Assistant head teacher and foundation stage leader Nadia Mossop said: “It’s been incredible watching it grow.

"And lovely to see the children who started at two years old, growing up and starting at the big school.

“We currently have 57 children but the numbers are going up all the time,” she added.

Since September the nursery has adopted a second classroom which had previously been used by reception, and taken on exclusive use of the outdoor play area called Sunny Square.

“It’s what we were hoping for when we started,” added Nadia. “That it would prove popular and provide that nurturing environment for the children in the area.”

The service is understood to be the first Catholic nursery to open in Swindon.

It accepts children from the local area and families don’t have to be Catholic to send their children. They just have to agree to follow the Catholic ethos.

Nadia added: “We have wonderful children who come and it’s really fun to be in there with them all during sessions.

“At Holy Family we have a wonderful school community with wonderful and supportive parents.

“A lot of our success has been through word of mouth. We do get a lot of parents who come in saying they’ve been recommended by friends and family,” she added.

Bush Babies now has two classes. Bush Babies One for children aged two and three and Bush Babies Two for children who are three and four years old.

Staffed by two qualified teachers and four nursery practitioners, each child is allocated a key worker when they join to help them settle in.

“A lot of children who come don’t want to leave, and when the parents see that, then they like it and know their children are happy and having fun here,” said Nadia.

The nursery has been so successful staff are now working with other Catholic schools in the area that want to set up their own nurseries.

“It’s just ovely working here,” Nadia added. We provide a warm, safe, happy environment where every single child is nurtured and valued.”

For more information, call Holy Family Primary School on 01793 521933.